Hybrid particle Petri nets for systems health monitoring under uncertainty

Quentin Gaudel, Elodie Chanthery, and Pauline Ribot
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Special Issue Uncertainty in PHM
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Full Paper
ijphm_15_022.pdf1.19 MBJune 4, 2015 - 7:22am

This paper focuses on how to treat uncertainty in health monitoring of hybrid systems by using a model-based method.
The Hybrid Particle Petri Nets (HPPN) formalism is defined
in the context of health monitoring to model hybrid systems
and to generate diagnosers of such systems. The main advantage of this formalism is that it takes into account knowledge-based uncertainty and uncertainty in diagnosis process. The
HPPN-based diagnoser deals with occurrences of unobservable discrete events (such as faults) and is robust to false ob-
servations. It also estimates the continuous state of the system by using particle filtering. Finally, HPPN can represent
the system degradation that is often dealt with using probabilistic tools. A hybrid technique is thus used to group all this
knowledge and to deduce the diagnosis results. The approach
is demonstrated on a three-tank system. Experimental results
are given, illustrating how different kinds of uncertainty are
taken into account when using HPPN.

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fault detection uncertainty
health monitoring
particle Petri nets
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Model-based methods for fault detection, diagnostics, and prognosis
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