Condition monitoring technologies for synthetic fiber ropes - a review

Espen Oland, Rune Schlanbusch, and Shaun Falconer
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Full Paper
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The Research Council of Norway
ijphm_17_014.pdf974.59 KBSeptember 30, 2017 - 5:21pm

This paper presents a review of different condition monitoring technologies for fiber ropes. Specifically, it presents an overview of the articles and patents on the subject, ranging from the early 70’s up until todaywith the state of the art. Experimental results are also included and discussed in a condition monitoring context, where failure mechanisms and changes in physical parameters give improved insight into the degradation process of fiber ropes. From this review, it is found
that automatic width measurement has received surprisingly little attention, and might be a future direction for the development of a continuous condition monitoring system for synthetic fiber ropes.

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condition based maintenance (CBM)
damage detection
health monitoring
vibration analysis
computer vision
electromagnetic method
optical damage sensors
X-ray tomography
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CBM and informed logistics
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