Inferential framework for autonomous cryogenic loading operations

D.G. Luchinsky, M. Khasin, D. Timucin, J. Sass, J. Perroti, and B. Brown
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Autonomous management of two-phase cryogenic flows requires development of models that can recognize and predict cryogenic fluid dynamics in nominal and faulty regimes without human interaction. The accuracy and the information contents of these predictions depend largely on the functional form and parameterization of correlations for the flow patterns, pressure losses, and the heat transfer in cryogenic fluids. However, knowledge of these correlations remains limited and their learning present significant challenge to scientists ante engineers [1],[2].

Here we report on development of an efficient multi-parametric optimization framework of the correlation parameters. The framework is based on two-fluid model of cryogenic chilldown reported in our earlier work [3]-[5]. We demonstrate an application of this inferential framework to the analysis of chilldown in a large scale experimental cryogenic testbed at the Kennedy Space Center [6] and discuss applications to autonomous management of cryogenic systems. It is shown that proposed technique allows for simultaneous optimization of a large (~30) parameters.

The future work will be focused on development of extended set of correlations, development of advisory system for application to fault management in universal ground servicing system, automation of the flow analysis by embedding the proposed inferential framework into machine learning envelope.

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[5]. D.G. Luchinsky, M. Khasin, D. Timucin, J. Sass, R. G. Johnson, J. Perotti, and B. Brown, “Physics Based Model for Cryogenic Chilldown and Loading. Part III: Correlations”, NASA/TP- 2016-219093, 2016.
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two-phase flow
autonomous cryogenic operations
dynamical inference
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Modeling and simulation
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