Multi-physics based Simulations of an Oleo-pneumatic Shock Absorber System for PHM

Krishna Lok S. and Khazi M. M. Siddiqui
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ijphm_17_025.pdf619.8 KBNovember 3, 2017 - 12:52am

The paper presents multi-physics (Mechanical, Thermal, Hydraulic, and Pneumatic) based modelling and simulation of an Oleo-pneumatic shock absorber with fault capabilities. The fault simulated in this model is leakage due to eccentricity. The one-dimensional shock absorber system models to give loads at different sink velocities. These load values, used in the structural model to do static stress analysis. By using these loads directly from the system model eliminates the error in load computation from the load’s group, thereby eliminating the time and cost involved in this activity. The models and static stress analyses carried out with both 1-D and 3-D elements. The 3-D landing gear model meshed with using both auto and manual mesh generation options. The consequences of both 1-D and 3-D models mesh generation, discussed in this paper. The static stress analysis, compared with the experimental results and it is found that the results are within 5% deviation. Based on the static stress and fatigue analysis computed the life of a landing gear.

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Landing Gear
Shock absorber
Sink velocity
Healthy model
Fault model
Experimental verification
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Component-level PHM
Model-based methods for fault detection, diagnostics, and prognosis
Modeling and simulation
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