Senior Prognostics and Health Management Engineer

REQUESTED POSITION TITLE: Senior Prognostics and Health Management Engineer

COLLEGE / DIVISION / DEPARTMENT: Golisano Institute for Sustainability

POSITION SUMMARY - Brief overview of job purpose. (Why does the job exist? What is the main function or overall purpose of the job?)

GIS conducts applied research in the area of sustainable manufacturing, and also provides technical assistance in a wide variety of areas to industry. We are looking for an engineer or scientist with a strong experimental and analytical background to support existing research programs in prognostics and health management (PHM), and data analytics. Our two primary application areas are transportation systems, including DoD systems, manufacturing equipment and processes, and embedded product monitoring. In our work environment, researchers work in multi-disciplinary teams on a wide variety of different types of products and technologies, work with undergraduate and graduate students, and are engaged in collaborative research with leading companies. The ideal candidate will have worked in the development of PHM systems in industry or government positions, or completed Masters or PhD level research focused on PHM technologies.

- Conduct and manage research and development projects focused on PHM or data analytics in a variety of different application areas.
- Analyze the function and performance of electro-mechanical systems including failure modes.
- Develop models and algorithms to assess the condition of electro-mechanical systems. The candidate should be comfortable with empirical lab or field work, as well as with simulation and modeling tools in their educational domain area.
- Support or lead development of government and industry proposals for external funding
- Prepare and present/publish research results.

- Minimum 5 years of work experience (including academic research) directly related to development of PHM or CBM technologies, data analytics solutions, or analysis and simulation of complex electrical or mechanical systems.

- Demonstrated ability to conduct applied research
- Analytical ability to solve challenging design/development problems
- Experience with analytical modeling tools such as Python and Matlab
- Strong verbal and written communication skills

- MS or PhD degree
- More than 10 years of directly related work experience
- Familiarity with machine learning technologies and tools

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