Developer Relations Account Manager - Federal Analytics

Date Posted: 
February 10, 2020
Ed Alfriend ([email protected])

* Develop Industrial and PdM ecosystem for the defense and aerospace community with cross functional team: Product, Engineering, Applied Research, Marketing, and Sales
* Lead and develop strategic relationship with key startups, OEMs, ISV’s, and leading industries’ developers
* Know all NVIDIA GPU / AI computing platforms from datacenter to edge and effectively articulate the value proposition to the sustainment developer community
* Drive adoption of NVIDIA SDK’s into developer products
* Funnel relevant startups to participate in NVIDIA Inception program
* Provide feedback of features requests into actionable engineering and product definition
* Be alert to the competitive landscape and communicate internally
* Strategic partnership and community building by attending research conferences and hosting technical meetups
* Engage industry events to speak, gather requirements, build relationships, showcase NVIDIA technology

* BS/MS/PhD in Computer Science or Engineering
* 5+ years’ experience in industrial and/or sustainment technologies within defense & aerospace
* 5+ years’ business development/strategic alliance experience for software/hardware products
* Excellent communication and liaison skills are essential, since candidate must work across all major internal functional areas (engineering, sales, and marketing) and with external partners, customers, and content developers
* Must be comfortable at C-level, as well as individual contributor engineers/marketers
* Working knowledge of with machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence platforms
* Working knowledge of the deep learning ecosystem – which markets are emerging most quickly, key players, competitors, etc.

Ed Alfriend
NVIDIA Corporation
Defense & Aerospace
[email protected]


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