An Autonomous Wireless Sensing Module for Long-Term Structural Health Monitoring Applications

Nickolai Belov and Ghassan Tchelepi
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Structural health monitoring (SHM) of civil infrastructure is among many areas with a need for low-cost autonomous wireless sensors capable of operating without maintenance for extended periods of time. This paper describes the 3AT-09 wireless sensing module developed by Green SHM Systems. The module incorporates a micro-controller, memory, digital accelerometer, tilt and temperature sensors, and a transceiver. It is powered by a combination of batteries and an energy harvesting device. The module can operate in two modes – active mode and sleep mode. Low power consumption in sleep mode, along with power management capabilities and the use of energy harvesting allows for a very long service life of the module. It is estimated that the module can be self-sufficient for at least 25 years when used as part of a typical SHM application with short active mode sessions. The autonomous wireless sensing module is designed as a platform for long-term monitoring applications. Different sensors and energy harvesting devices can be integrated with the module. Experimental results on the use of sensing modules for vibration monitoring of bridges and tall buildings are provided.

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wireless sensors
extended service life
vibration monitoring
maintenance-free sensors
smart sensors
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