Volunteer with IJPHM

Thank you for your interest in becoming an active member of IJPHM team. IJPHM has been growing over the years and, therefore, is seeking support from volunteers on various activities and further increasing the reach to the research community. Following are few roles, responsibilities, and criteria for your considerations. Please let us know by directly emailing to the editor, which path you are able to help out with.

Journal Web Liaison

  • Responsibility: To work with the PHM Society web development team and help implement features for improving the functionality and user experience of the journal website. While development is mostly carried out by the web development team, this role will be responsible for collecting requirements, creating feature requests, following up with the web teams, help with testing and feedback until the desired feature is rolled into production environment.
  • Eligibility: Some familiarity with web technologies (such as PHP, SQL, Drupal CMS, etc) and web development. Association with PHM Society for at least one year and familiarity with the technical review process workflow.
    (Expected Commitment: 2-4 hours month)

Journal University Liaison

  • Responsibility: Connect with various universities that have active PHM programs, advertise journal through targeted communications, solicit papers, and bring more researchers to PHM community.
  • Eligibility: Student or an Early career professional in a university environment. Must have been associated with PHM Society for at least a year. having published with IJPHM previously is a plus.
    (Expected Commitment: ~1 hour per month)

Journal Liaison for International Outreach

  • Responsibility: IJPHM plans to have Liaisons located in different parts of the world who would connect with local universities, research organizations, and industries active in PHM. Help with advertising the journal and solicit contributions (technical research articles or industrial communications) from respective regions. It is expected that these liaisons will move up to Associate Editorship in about a year depending on their commitment and involvement with the journal. At this point the journal is looking for liaisons for Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa and South America regions. Journal is open to more than one positions in any specific region as needed.
  • Eligibility: Active involvement in PHM community, must have published with PHM Society (conference or journal) earlier, or at least be familiar with the quality and rigor of IJPHM papers. Must be willing to help with reviewing or managing reviews (3-4 papers per year).
    (Expected Commitment: ~1 hour per month)

Editorial Board Member

  • Responsibility: Actively solicit at least 2-3 papers year, help in reviewing or managing reviews of papers when requested,
  • Eligibility: Must have been associated with IJPHM or PHM Society for at least 2-3 years and have published 2-3 papers with PHM Society (incl. at least one with IJPHM). Must be associated with an active PHM program within own organization or be a part of broader inter-organizational teams such as standard committees, working groups, or PHM events organization.
    (Expected Commitment: ~1 hour per month)

Associate Editor

  • Responsibility: On a regular basis manage reviews of papers, help in making editorial decisions, keep track of all papers under review end ensure a timely response from reviewers, solicit papers on IJPHM’s behalf, take ownership in journal’s success and make constructive suggestions on how to improve further. Attend annual IJPHM meetings at PHM Conference at least every alternate year.
  • Eligibility: Must have been a part of Editorial Team for at least 3 years, must have published with IJPHM, or contributed as a reviewer for at least 5 papers for IJPHM. This position is by invitation only, although eligible candidates are encouraged to express their availability and willingness to get invited by the PHM Society Board.
    (Expected Commitment: ~1 hour per week, but on a consistent basis)

Special Issue Guest Editor

  • Responsibility: propose a special topic issue for IJPHM, pull a team of 3-4 guest editors with background in the topic of interest, reach out to professionals working in the relevant topic, solicit papers (target 15-20 submissions), facilitate the review of special issue papers. Prepare the issue editorial article together with all guest editors prior to the publication.
  • Eligibility: Active in research or industry associated with the topic of the special issue, ability to put together a list of targeted potential authors, familiarity with IJPHM review and publication process.
    (Expected Commitment: ~1-2 hour per week for about 6-8 months period)

If you have any other ideas on how you can contribute to IJPHM, we are happy to discuss that and create an appropriate position to find the best fit.