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    If you consider yourself a good, charismatic and confident guy, but you can’t do anything with girls and you don’t know what the problem is – this article is for you.

    Inappropriate places

    Perhaps you are looking for a girl in the wrong places for this. In nightclubs, for example, a girl for a long-term relationship is definitely not worth looking for, although there are sometimes exceptions here.

    Try to change the approach: look for girls around you, perhaps there is already one that suits you next to you.

    The main thing : to decide what kind of girl you want to find? Human nature strives to be in constant search, and sometimes when we find what we need, we do not notice it.
    If you still haven’t found a suitable person around you, then try to look for her in places where you are interested – it can be at thematic events or in the circle of your friends : depending on where you are interested.

    Serious intentions
    If you are looking for a relationship for the sake of creating a family – there is nothing wrong with this, even on the contrary.

    However, there is a point at which many make a mistake : you can not tell a girl about your intentions on first dates – events should develop evenly, everything in its own time.
    Why is that? – Put yourself in the girl’s place and think about whether you will take seriously the person who, after a few days or weeks of a relationship, confesses serious feelings and intentions.

    Everything is short and clear with this point :

    when you behave self-confident and arrogant – it repels girls . Be simpler and people will reach out to you.
    Unfortunately, but …
    if you are a successful, beautiful-close to the ideal man, then there is a small chance that the girl will not meet you because she will consider herself unworthy for you . She will be afraid that against your background all her shortcomings will be revealed and she will be embarrassed.

    Such is the bitter truth.


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