Hardware Demonstrations at PHM’10

The PHM Society invites participants to show off their diagnostic and prognostic engineering approaches through hardware demonstrations. The concept of the hardware demonstrations is to offer a hands-on learning experience for attendees. Demonstrations will be given as hands-on tutorials to small groups. Each tutorial will last for approximately 30 minutes where attendees will be allowed to ask questions.

As an incentive, a reimbursement of up to $1000.00 (US) will be offered to each hardware demo team for shipping expenses. We will also provide tables, chairs, power, and a flat panel display if required.

Some potential hardware demonstration topics are:

  • Sensor Integration
  • Rapid Aging Techniques
  • System Identification Processes
  • Computer Maintenance Management System Integration
  • Fielded Prognostic Systems
  • Certification and Validation Techniques

Interested parties should submit a brief write-up (mini-proposal) of their proposed PHM hardware demonstration, including:

  • demonstration description
  • amount of attendee interaction expected (additional consideration will be given for this criterion)
  • educational value
  • demo requirements (size, weight, facilities needed, etc.)
  • what needs to be shipped?

We anticipate selecting up to six hardware demonstrations. Please send your mini-proposals to Tim Wilmering NO LATER THAN June 30, 2010.