Lead Researcher – Prognostics and Health Management of Aero Engines

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Technology Innovation Institute (TII) is a publicly funded research institute based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. It is home to a diverse community of leading scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and researchers from across the globe, transforming problems and roadblocks into pioneering research and technology prototypes that help move society ahead.


Propulsion and Space Research Center

The Propulsion and Space Research Center (PSRC) is taking an academic and discipline-based approach to advancing the nation’s capabilities in the field. Developed in-house and in partnership with leading global institutions, our research focuses on aerodynamics, aircraft propulsion, turbomachinery, space exploration, and hypersonic propulsion, with a transversal focus on artificial intelligence, disruptive propulsion designs, and sustainability.


PSRC is part of the Technology Innovation Institute (TII). This UAE-based research center aims to lead global advances in artificial intelligence, autonomous robotics, quantum computing, cryptography, quantum communications, directed energy, secure communication, smart devices, advanced materials, and propulsion and space technologies.


We belong to the Abu Dhabi Government’s Advanced Technology Research Council (ATRC), which oversees technology research in the emirate.






The successful candidate will be responsible for research, technical leadership, and project management of Prognostics and Health Management applied to Propulsion systems, including diagnostics and prognostics.
The candidate will work closely with the Executive Director of the Propulsion and Space Research Center in supervising Ph.D. and Master students, identifying opportunities for future research projects, specifying resources, advancing the research capabilities of TII, and developing partnerships with academia and industry.
Liaise with the superiors to make decisions for priorities and strategic goals
Develop knowledge and skills within TII related to the latest techniques and applications related to an engine performance simulation
Planned, monitored, and support the team’s daily activities to ensure progress.
Manage relationships with internal and external research partners
Approve, review, and write technical reports
Prepare and write papers for submission to peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings.
Ensure that the research activities run with legality and conformity to established regulations (health, safety, ethics)
Develop positive working relationships with internal and external contacts




Proven expertise and track record of technical leadership in the field of propulsion, with an updated understanding of the latest developments
Proven experience with model-based and data-driven fault diagnosis and prognosis of propulsion systems
Experience with MATLAB/Simulink real-time performance modeling, PYTHON, model-based and data-driven diagnostic and prognostic methods
Fluency in English
Active members of a professional engineering association and an international network of contacts in academia and industry will be considered a plus.


Qualifications & Experience:


Doctorate (Ph.D., DSc) with 7+ years of experience, or bachelor’s degree with 10+ years of experience in Aeronautical, Aerospace, Mechanical, or related engineering field.



At TII, we help society to overcome its biggest hurdles through a rigorous approach to scientific discovery and inquiry, using state-of-the-art facilities and collaboration with leading international institutions. Our thorough discovery and inquiry-based approach help to forge new and disruptive breakthroughs in advanced materials, autonomous robotics, cryptography, digital security, directed energy, quantum computing, and secure systems.

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