PHM Data Challenge Winners Announced

The winners for this year’s Annual Data Challenge have been announced. The finalists were chosen based on top five scores obtained according to the scoring procedure outlined here. The finalists were asked to submit a detailed paper for technical evaluations of their technical approach. Top two teams were selected as winners from the five finalists and have been invited to submit their papers to the International Journal of Prognostics and Health Management(IJPHM).
The third, fourth, and fifth place teams were also invited to submit papers to IJPHM and/or present their work at the conference. The winners are listed below. Please refer to the final leader board for a complete listing of results.

Team: D2AS2
Members – Santanu Das (NASA Ames Research Center, CA)
Runner Up
Team: Athena
Members – Vassilis Katsouros, Vassilis Papavassiliou, and Christos Emmanouilidis (Athena Research and Innovation Center)
Other teams in the final round were – mud, young, and diligent/Precict_DS_YC_EL respectively)
For more details on the challenge problem and competition procedures please refer to the data challenge page click here for more details.