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    Dear Community, this is my first post. 🙂 I am looking for ideas hints to training courses in the area of predictive maintenance. Maybe you have some recommendations?

    I have looked for training recourses here: ( and of cause found the two days in the context of the yearly conference:
    – PHM Society Short Course – PHM Fundamentals: Monitoring/Sensing to Fault Diagnosis, Failure Prognosis and Case Studies
    – PHM Society Short Course: Analytics for PHM – Advanced Course

    Which seen to be a good fit topic wise. I am looking for ideas for slightly longer curses, which are available maybe earlier in 2023.
    Unfortunately the link “Understand our PHM Taxonomy as a classification of skills and domains within the multi-disciplinary field of PHM: An overview communications paper at” does not work anymore.

    Regarding the focus:
    – Transfer of knowledge (all in the context of predictive maintenance) about methods EDA, feature engineering, work with large data sets with relatively small rate of failure cases
    – methods, lessons learned, successful PHM strategies
    – Should start with the basics, but go deep at the mid/end of course
    – Ideally / preferably, but not necessarily:
    – location of training in Europe
    – in presence, not online
    – 2-5 Days
    – in the field of aviation

    Thanks for your ideas.

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