PHMSociety Membership Update and New Benefits!

1. Membership features

We are excited to announce some changes to the value the PHM Society will be bringing to its membership.

Today, the PHM Society proudly offers (and will continue to offer) anyone in the world:

  • Access all available conference technical papers and IJPHM proceedings;
  • The right to register and attend any PHM Society conference, workshop, symposium, seminar, or course;
  • The opportunity to post a job requisition or a link to job requisition on the PHM Society website; and
  • Access for consideration for the Society lifetime award

However, by only certifying your membership by attestation (see #2 below), the following additional benefits will become available:

  • Right to access all available conference proceeding not available to non-members, including, but not limited to, panel proceedings, keynote videos, tutorial proceedings, etc.;
  • Access to the PHM Society’s Professional Mentoring Program, i.e., PHMentor (see #3 below);
  • Eligibility to apply for the PHM Society Early Career Award (see #4 below) and the Research Grant and Scholarship program in planning;
  • Access to on-line technical forums and job postings;
  • Eligibility for the PHM Fellow award; and
  • Eligibility to participate in annual membership recruitment incentives.

2. Attestation to formalize your membership (available here)

I certify that I have contributed to the PHM Society in one or more of the following ways:

  • Attended any PHM Society conference or short course event (e.g. North American, Asian-Pacific or European)
  • Submitted a paper to the International Journal of PHM (IJPHM) or serving as a IJPHM Reviewer
  • Participated in a PHM Society Data Challenge
  • Volunteered in any past or current PHM Society event or initiative

This attestation gives me access to PHM Society Members-only benefits for a 5 year period provided I remain a member in good standing.

3. PHMentor

The importance of mentorship on person’s career can be profound. A mentor can be someone who is further along in their career/education, someone who is at the same point in their career/education but is having different outcomes, or someone who possesses a skill (examples: system engineering, fault detection and isolation, program management, sensing systems, materials) or has a specific trait (examples: conflict resolution, decision making process, research and development planning, academic direction, diversity and inclusion) you would like to achieve for yourself.  The PHM Society attracts and serves participants from across academia, industry, government, and defense who are at various stages of their education and careers. We can leverage and build this diversity of participants to share insights and lessons learned as we mentor one another to achieve the next higher level of ourselves.

The PHMentor program was announced at the 2021 Annual Conference and now it is time to move forward with this program. We welcome participation at different levels and with different topics as you are able. If you are interested in participating in this program as either a Mentor or a Mentee, please contact

Additional information will be provided as we build out this exciting new program.

4. PHM Early Career Award

Objective: To accelerate active participation and aid career growth for those interested in contributing to the international prognostics and health management community.

What: The PHM Society is a non-profit international technical society that serves as a hub for knowledge sharing and networking for PHM researchers and practitioners. Some key initiatives of the PHM Society are the International Journal of PHM (IJPHM) and conferences in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific which include paper and panel sessions and tutorials. In addition, the PHM Society offers a doctoral symposia and continuing education short courses.

This early career award program is aimed at innovative, enterprising graduating students and early career professionals. It provides financial assistance to participate in PHM Society activities for mutual benefit. Five early career awards are offered annually to include: complementary registration at a PHM conference (PHM22 is the first venue!), and a travel expense stipend (total award of $2000 US) to attend the PHM22 Conference in-person. Recipients will be matched with a mentor leading up to and at the PHM22 event.

How: Apply by June 30 August 19 at 23:59:59 US PDT (UTC – 7) with your (max) 1 page application (please use pdf format) covering the following.

  1. Name, address (both physical and email), occupation
  2. Attest that you are a member of the PHM Society (free to join here).
  3. Technical suitability: Let us know how your technical work matches the PHM domain and applies to the real world, research programs underway, collaborations and the like.
  4. Proposal to contribute at PHM22: Tell us how you would be willing to volunteer your time and experience to benefit of PHM22. Examples would be details of how you would contribute to student, diversity, young professional, panel, doctoral symposium, recruiting, or other events at PHM22.
  5. Proposal to contribute to the PHM Society at large in 2022: Tell us how you would be willing to volunteer your time and experience to the benefit of the PHM Society. Examples might be starting new research work and sharing outcomes, helping with virtual events for students, etc.

Submit via email to

Awardees will be notified by July 30 September 16. Special recognition will be made at the PHM22 event! Details about cost reimbursement will be communicated to awardees.