Second International Diagnostic Competition (DXC'10)

Welcome to home page of the Second International Diagnostic Competition, DXC 10. Please use the menu on the right to navigate this site. For information regarding the details of the three diagnostic problems, please visit the Information & Diagnostic Problems page. If you would like to compete, please register your diagnostic algorithm by visiting the Registration page. All files related to the competition including system description, data, the software framework (API) and eventually the results will be available in the Files page. Last year's competition website can be found here.

Any questions should be directed to the topic created at the DXC'10 Forum page.

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Information & Diagnostic Problems
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The Diagnostic Competition (DXC'10) will be the second of a series of international competitions to be hosted yearly at the International Workshop on Principles of Diagnosis (DX). The objectives of the competition are to accelerate research in theories, principles, and computational techniques for monitoring and diagnosis of complex systems, to encourage the development of software platforms that promise more rapid, accessible, and effective maturation of diagnostic technologies, and to provide a forum that can be utilized by algorithm developers to test and validate their technologies on real-world physical systems. The overall goal of this competition is to systematically evaluate diagnostic technologies and to produce comparable performance assessments for different diagnostic methods.

Competition Format

Participating diagnostic technologies will be run under same conditions using the same input. The competition consists of multiple diagnostic problems (with independent winners). For the first time this year, each diagnostic problem will define a specific use case under which the participating diagnostic algorithms will be evaluated. For each diagnostic problem we will provide a number of standardized specifications of systems used, a library of modular and standardized test scenarios, a test protocol and associated software architecture, and evaluation criteria (i.e. metrics). These metrics will then be computed based on the diagnostic output to determine the final winner(s) for each problem.

Announcement Document

A copy of the detailed announcement document can be found below.

Algorithm Submission

Participants can submit their algorithms by following the instructions below:

1. Go to:
2. Username: dxc
3. Password: please e-mail (tolga dot kurtoglu at nasa dot gov) to obtain the password
4. Attach the file (.zip/.tar.gz)
5. Hit upload

Please contact DXC'10 organizers, or post a question to the discussion forum if you encounter any problems submitting your algorithm.

PHM Competition Start: 
April 15, 2010 - 1:30pm
PHM Competition End: 
August 16, 2010 - 1:30pm
PHM Competition Status: 

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