fourth european conference of the prognostics and health management society 2018


Image Copyrights – Jurjen Drenth.

We are pleased to announce the Fourth European Conference of the PHM Society – PHME18 in Utrecht, The Netherlands from 3-6 July 2018. The PHME18 will bring together the community of PHM experts from industry, academia, and government in diverse application areas such as energy, aerospace, transportation, automotive, and industrial automation.

Muntgebouw Utrecht
Leidseweg 90
3531 BG Utrecht
The Netherlands

July 3-6, 2018

Please note that all articles published by the PHM Society are available to the global PHM community via the internet for free and without any restrictions. Selected papers will be invited for publication on the International Journal of Prognostics and Health Management, an open access online journal for the global PHM community.

Key Dates

Abstracts submission deadline: 31 Jan 2018 28 Feb 2018
Paper and poster submissions due: 15 Apr 2018 30 Apr 2018
Paper review feedback: mid-May 2018
Final paper and poster due: 31 May 2018

Topics of Interest

  • Prognostics system design and engineering
  • Prognostics sensors and detection
  • Physics of failure prognostics
  • Asset health management
  • Structural health management
  • Prognostics for electronics
  • Fault detection and prognostics of MEMS
  • Diagnosis and fault isolation methods
  • Condition-based maintenance technologies
  • Standards and methodologies
  • Fault-adaptive control methods
  • Return-on-investment analysis
  • Deployed applications and success stories
  • Data-driven and model-based prognostics
  • Systems engineering aspects of PHM
  • Software and hardware for PHM