21st International Workshop on the Principles of Diagnosis


Welcome to the home page of the 21st International Workshop on Principles of Diagnosis (DX-10) which will be held in conjunction with the Annual Conference of the PHM Society, PHM 2010, in Portland, Oregon on October 13-16, 2010. DX-10 will be jointly hosted by Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) and NASA Ames Research Center (ARC). Please use the menu on the right to navigate the Workshop site as well as the parent PHM Society site.


If you have any questions about DX-10, please send email to dx10 dash oc at phmsociety dot org. If you would like to receive information regarding current and future DX workshops please join the DX Workshop google group.


The International Workshop on Principles of Diagnosis (DX) is a lively forum that has traditionally adopted a single-track program with a limited number of participants in order to promote detailed technical exchange and debate while at the same time making efforts to develop synergistic approaches to solving real-world problems. It is an annual event that started in 1989 rooted in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) community. Papers presented at the workshop cover a variety of theories, principles, and computational techniques for diagnosis, monitoring, testing, reconfiguration, fault-adaptive control, and repair of complex systems. Applications of these theories, principles, and techniques to industry-related disciplines and other real-world problems are also important topics of the workshop.

Like the previous workshops in this series, DX-10 encourages the interactions and the exchange of theories, techniques, applications, and experiences amongst researchers and practitioners from different backgrounds: Artificial Intelligence, Control Theory, Systems Engineering, Software Engineering and other related areas, who share an interest in different aspects of diagnosis, and the related fields of testing, reconfiguration, maintenance, prognosis, and fault-adaptive control. Thus, we encourage researchers from the different research communities to participate in the event. See the call for papers for further information.

Co-Location with PHM 2010

DX10 will be held in conjunction with the Annual Conference of the PHM Society, PHM 2010. The Annual Conference of the PHM Society intends to bring together the global community of PHM experts from industry, academia, and government in diverse application areas such as energy, aerospace, transportation, automotive, and industrial automation. PHM 2010 will be held from October 10-14.

Second International Diagnostic Competition DXC ’10

Part of the workshop program will be devoted to the Second International Diagnostic Competition (DXC’10), where winners and contributions to the competition will be discussed.

DXC’10 is jointly developed by NASA Ames Research Center and PARC with the objectives of accelerating research in theories, principles, and computational techniques for monitoring and diagnosis of complex systems, encouraging the development of software platforms that promise more rapid, accessible, and effective maturation of diagnostic technologies, and providing a forum that can be utilized by algorithm developers to test and validate their technologies.

For more information, posters, and announcements, see the diagnostic competition website.