PHM20 Technology Demonstration

Technology Demonstration Description and Proposal

The PHM Society invites our conference sponsors to show off their diagnostic and prognostic engineering approaches through PHM Technology Demonstrations. The concept of the demonstrations is to offer a true “hands-on” learning experience for attendees. Multiple demonstrations will be given as brief tutorials to small groups. Each demo will last 30 to 60 minutes, where attendees will be encouraged to actively participate.

All Tech Demo presenters also have the option to submit a 1-page flyer/brochure to be included on the conference website, as well as additional recognition in the printed conference program. The single page on the website will be in the company’s desired format.

Please submit proposals and questions to the chairpersons listed below by May 27, 2020 August 21, 2020.

Technology Demonstration Chairs:
Laurel Frediani, [email protected]
James Larkin, [email protected]

Click here to learn more about these funding opportunities.

Interested parties should submit a brief proposal of their PHM technology demonstration, including:

  • Demonstration description
  • Methods of attendee interaction planned (the more, the better)
  • Educational value
  • Display requirements (tables, projector/screen, audio, etc.)
  • Storage and transportation needs

NOTE: Demonstration content (hardware, software, concepts, material, and data) must be cleared for public release.

Technology Demonstration Attendance Sign-Up Process

All conference participants are invited to attend the interactive, “hands-on” technology demonstrations. There are multiple demonstrations from which to choose (see below for details). Due to limited space, attendees must sign-up in advance at the demo conference rooms. Time slots are allotted to attendees on a first-come-first-serve basis on the sign-up sheet.

Technology Demonstration Topics and Presenters:

  • Coming soon!

Technology Demonstration Schedule

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Time Topic Presenter
TBD Coming soon! Coming soon!

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Time Topic Presenter
TBD Coming soon! Coming soon!


Technology Demonstration Summaries

Coming soon!


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