Information & Diagnostic Problems

There will be three diagnostic problems at DXC’10.

Diagnostic Problem I – ADAPT Lite

The use case for Diagnostic Problem I is to make an abort recommendation to a remote pilot or an autonomous controller for a single-string Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS). For this problem, the ADAPT-Lite Electrical Power System (EPS) is supplying power to vehicle systems and payloads which are necessary for successful mission completion. The details of the mission are not important, but one can consider that there are instruments on board which acquire scientific data.

More details can be found in this document.

Diagnostic Problem II – ADAPT

For this problem, the ADAPT EPS supplies power to five critical load functions and four non-critical loads. In case of fault(s), the objective is to make sure that the five critical load functions are powered by recommending appropriate recovery actions. The system employs passive redundancy for the critical load functions such that there are two identical loads for each critical function. Only one load of the redundant load pair is on at any given time. The scenarios will start with all relays open and commands will be sent to the EPS to transition the system to one of the 24 configurations. In each of these configurations, the critical loads will nominally remain on for the duration of the scenario while the noncritical loads may be turned on and off.

More details can be found in this document.

Diagnostic Problem III – Synthetic Track

More details can be found in this document.