PHM Education and Professional Development Workshop

Come and participate in the development of a tool for the PHM community: training, career development, recruitment and more. Everyone is encouraged to participate in this workshop: academia and students, industry- all sectors, ..
Kick start your thinking with information and working model on our web forum.

Objectives of workshop:

  • Develop the PHM Society skills-capability taxonomy of EPD toward development of planning and assessment tools that contribute to the PHM community across industry sectors, academia and government
  • Identify other initiatives that may be pursued by the EPD Committee of the PHM Society

Organizers: Jeff Bird, Karl Reichard, and Nancy Madge (PHM Society EPD Committee)

Workshop Activity: PHM Society EPD Taxonomy Development
Information, Input and Comments Available through PHM website Education- EPD Forum

    • Working Draft of PHM Society Taxonomy available through Jeff Bird at PHM Society User List

Tuesday 3:30-5:00 pm
1. Introductions and Workshop Objectives- PHM EPD Committee
2. Explanation of Taxonomy Approach: Applications/Stakeholders, Domain-Mastery Matrix- PHM EPD committee
3. Small Group Brainstorming of selected PHM Domains- group leaders
a. Develop sub-domain and specialty list
b. Develop sample competency level descriptors (entry, working and mastery)

Wednesday 4:00 -5:00 pm
4. Plenary
a. Presentation of Domain Group results- group leaders
b. General discussion and Rationalization of Domain taxonomies- all
5. Review of Domain Groups and identification of volunteer lead developers- EPD Committee
6. Way forward- PHM Society website forum, working group nominees…- EPD Committee
7. Wrap-Up

1. Draft version of Mastery descriptors for selected domains
2. Working group for development of complete Taxonomy
3. Proceedings report first to PHM Board
4. Web forum with presentations, proceedings