Panel Session

The PHM Society provides an opportunity to hear and interact with recognized industry leaders in relevant areas for our PHM work. These 90 minute panel sessions will consist of presentations and open discussion by 4-6 panelists directly engaging with the conference audience on six different topics listed below.

These sessions add an enriching dimension to the conference experience and a welcome networking alternative to traditional paper presentations, which dominate some conferences. We believe balancing the conference time in this fashion provides participants a much more engaging experience and increased opportunity to gain unique knowledge

Panel Session Chairs:
Andy Hess
Marcias Martinez

Panel Session: Health-Ready Components

Chair: Steve Holland, GM Global R&D

Health-ready components are at the intersection between PHM technology and commercial considerations, given the emergence and growing importance of PHM systems across a variety of industries. Hence, this panel focuses on exploring how can OEMs and suppliers best collaborate to:

  • Speed introduction of PHM functionality for maximum customer benefit,
  • Maximize system coverage and performance,
  • Avoid inefficiencies and wasteful duplication of effort,
  • Clarify design-time and run-time communication needs, and
  • Address proprietary issues.