Call for Papers

Prospective authors are invited to contribute full length, original, high-quality papers. The topics suggested by the conference can be categorized as analysis methods, asset-specific algorithms, prototype implementations, fielded systems and business case analysis. All tracks are open to both research and industry contributions. Submitted papers will be reviewed by experts based on the criteria of content, significance, technical validity, innovation, writing style, accuracy, clarity, simplicity and readability.

Conference General Chairs:
David He
Carl Byington

Hilton Fort Worth
815 Main Street
Fort Worth, TX, 76102, USA
TEL: 1-817-870-2100 FAX: 1-817-882-1300

Key Dates

Key Conference Dates
Abstract Submission Due 04 Apr 2014
Paper Submission Due 09 May 2014
Paper Review Feedback 27 Jun 2014
Final Papers Due 01 Aug 2014
Doctoral Symposium Submission Due 05 May 2014
Technology Demos Submission Due 13 Jun 2014
Panel Sessions Topics Due 27 Jun 2014
PHM Conference Dates 29 Sep – 2 Oct 2014

Topics of Interest:

  • PHM and CBM Solutions
  • CBM+ Architecture and Best Practices
  • Advanced Sensing and Embedded Monitoring
  • Detection, Diagnosis, and Prognostics Methods
  • Big Data Issues and Analytics
  • Physics of Failure and Model-based Prediction
  • Adaptive Control and Fault Accomodation
  • Standards, Metrics, and V&V
  • CBM Return on Investment Analysis and Business Case
  • Implementation Challenges, Issues, and Success Stories
  • Uncertainty in PHM

This conference includes a full-day workshop on PHM Needs and Issues for Heavy Machinery, Oil and Gas Industries.

A major differentiator for the PHM Society is its modern approach toward intellectual property rights. Authors retain copyright in their work while allowing the PHM Society to distribute their work through a Creative Commons License. As a result, all articles published by the PHM Society are available to the global PHM community via the internet for free and without any restrictions.

Note: Only Full length papers are accepted for PHM Conference. Please do not pick Poster or Abstract options.

Publish in Journal Option: Starting 2012 ijPHM has been allowing authors to present their work at the next PHM Conference if authors desired to do so. Please send an email to indicating your preference of the venue. Read more here.

Please consider serving as a Session Chair at the Annual Meeting. A Session Chair introduces each session participant, and facilitates discussion in the session. This is an excellent way for any member to participate in the Annual Meeting. Any member interested in serving as a Session Chair should contact the Conference General Chairs or the Technical Program Committee ( You can post general questions about paper content, formatting, Creative Commons licenses, etc. at the PHM Conference forum.