Diversity Outreach & Networking Breakfast

Come join your PHM19 colleagues for a Diversity Outreach and Networking breakfast. This event is focused on inspiring and encouraging women and under-represented students to consider PHM related careers and to foster a community network between students and professionals, possibly leading to new mentoring relationships.

It is also ideally suited to promote collaborative networking amongst all levels of conference participants, offering the potential for increased interaction and exploration of innovative ideas.

This year’s event features three speakers: Candace Eckert, Scott Clements, and Amy Grace. Their short bios follow.

Captain Candace Eckert
Vice President,Compliance Assurance, Defense & Space, Honeywell
Captain, US Navy
Inclusion & Diversity Advisor to the Chief of Naval Operations

Appointed as the Vice President of Compliance Assurance, Defense & Space at Honeywell in October 2011, Candace leads compliance efforts including requirements flow down, contract and purchase order compliance, product quality processes and Integrated Product Delivery and Support (IPDS) compliance with DCMA/DCAA requirements.
Candace joined Honeywell in March 2002 as Vice President of Customer Support for Aerospace’s Engines, Systems, & Services and was later named Vice President for the Aerospace Customer Support Center of Excellence. In 2008 she became the first Product & Portfolio Manager for Honeywell’s Aerospace Services, responsible for Flight Support Services, Condition Based Maintenance, and Logistics service offerings designed to improve customers’ mission efficiency and performance.
Candace enlisted in the Navy Reserve in 1985 and was called to Active Duty in 2004 where she served in Operation Iraqi Freedom with the Navy and again with the US Army and the US Marine Corps from 2007-2007. While in Iraq, she conducted 144 combat missions and qualified as a Fleet Marine Force Officer.
In 2015 she was again recalled to active duty to lead development and implementation of the Navy’s Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) Strategy and oversee the integration of women into Navy’s previously closed combat positions. In 2017 she was appointed as I&D Advisor to the Chief of Naval Operations.
Candace holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, and a Masters of Science in Global Leadership from the University of San Diego.
A Joint Qualified Officer, CAPT Eckert is a Distinguished Graduate of National Defense University’s Joint Advanced Warfighting School with a Master of Science in Joint Campaign Planning and Strategy.

Dr. N. Scott Clements
Senior Staff Engineer, Lockheed Martin
PHM Society Fellow

Scott studied under Dr. George Vachtsevanos in the Intelligent Control Systems Lab at Georgia Tech, earning his PhD in 2003. His thesis developed a framework for fault-tolerant control systems, which was successfully demonstrated on an autonomous, unmanned aerial vehicle. He then started work at Lockheed Martin where he lead the initial prognostics development on the F35 Joint Strike Fighter. He has also lead several IRAD and CRAD efforts on prognostics and is now working on the Analytics, PHM and AI Innovations (APA Innovations) team in LM Rotary & Mission Systems.
Scott has been active in the PHM Society since its inception, including paper presentations, tutorial presentations and serving on multiple planning committees as the conference materials chair (responsible for brochures, website updates, and signage). He is also on the Board of Directors, serving as the Communications Director for seven years running. In this capacity, he has been instrumental in guiding the societies long-term web and communication strategies.

Amy Grace
Fellow, Applied Data Science, Collins Aerospace

Over her 30 year career with UTC, Amy’s passion has been applying new analysis techniques to deliver products with a measureable impact to customer satisfaction. In 2016, Amy transitioned from P&W to Collins Aerospace, where she leads the Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) Initiative. Amy was recently inducted into the Collins Fellows Program as Fellow, Applied Data Science. In this role, she will unlock new value for our customers by driving organizational adoption of data science and advanced analytics systems. Amy received her BS degree in Aerospace Engineering from Syracuse University.

Diversity Outreach

The PHM Society is keenly aware of the benefits of diverse thinking that will accelerate the innovative technical advancements pertaining to the PHM engineering discipline. This event is held to attract and encourage engagement from participants representing all aspects of diversity.


One of the basic principles on which the PHM Society is founded is interdisciplinary and international collaboration. This event offers the opportunity to network with a broad cross-section of participants to foster increased collaboration among the conference participants.

Diversity Outreach Chairs:

Kathryn Elliott: kathryn.elliott@rolls-royce.com
Jamie Coble: jamie@utk.edu