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Sunday, September 27, 2009     Location Time
Registration     Foyer 7am – 5pm
Doctoral Symposium Session Bird, Letourneau (Chairs) NRC (Canada) Sorrento/San Marino 8am – 5pm
Monday, September 28, 2009        
Registration     Foyer 7am – 5pm
Bagels and Coffee     Foyer 7am – 8am
General Atomics Tour Meera Venkatesh General Atomics Meet in Foyer for Bus Pickup 8:15am – 12noon
Tutorial Session 1A: Introduction to Diagnostics and Prognostics Bickford (Session Chair) Expert Microsystems Sorrento/San Marino 8am – 12noon
Diagnostics Neil Eklund General Electric    
Break – Coffee     Foyer 9:30am – 10:00am
Prognostics Wes Hines University of Tennesses    
Tutorial Session 1B: Advanced Topics Shao (Session Chair) Honeywell Capri/Riviera 8am – 12noon
PHM and Logistics Tim Felke Honeywell    
Return on Investment Peter Sanborn UMD – CALCE    
Break – Coffee     Foyer 10:30 – 10:45am
Using Prognostics Information in Reconfigurable Control George Vachtsevanos Georgia Tech    
Break       12noon – 1:30pm
Tutorial Session 2A     Sorrento / San Marino 1:30pm – 3:00pm
Software Health Management Gabor Karsai Vanderbilt University    
Break – Coffee     Foyer 3:00pm – 3:30pm
Tutorial Session 2B     Sorrento / San Marino 3:30pm – 5pm
V&V for PHM Francois Hemez Los Alamos National Lab    
Reception and Exhibits     Foyer and Terrazza 5:30pm – 7:30pm
Tuesday, September 29, 2009        
Registration     Foyer 7am – 5pm
Bagels and Coffee     Foyer 7am – 8am
Exhibits     Terrazza 8am – 5pm
Opening Remarks Goebel (General Chair); Uckun (President, PHM Society) NASA / PARC Pavilion 8 am – 8:20am
Hardware Demos     Monte Carlo 8:30am – 5pm
Paper Session 1A: Prognostic Methods Orchard (Session Chair) University of Chile Sorrento/San Marino 8:30am – 10:00pm
Exact Nonlinear Filtering and Prediction in Process Model-Based Prognostics DeCastro, Tang, Loparo, Goebel, Vachtsevanos Impact Technologies /Case Western Reserve University / NASA Ames / Georgia Tech    
Failure Prognosis Using Timed Failure Propagation Graphs Abdelwahed, Karsai Mississippi State University / Vanderbilt University    
Prognosis of gear health using stochastic dynamical models with online parameter estimation Gasperin, Boskoski, Juricic Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana (Slovenia)    
Paper Session 1B: Diagnostic Methods I Rajamani (Session Chair) Pratt & Whitney Capri/Riviera 8:30am – 10:00am
Hierarchical Fault Diagnosis in Satellites Formation Flight Barua, Khorasani Concordia University    
A Multi-Fault Modeling Approach for Fault Diagnosis and Failure Prognosis of Engineering Systems Zhang, Sconyers, Patrick, Vachtsevanos Georgia Tech / Impact Technologies    
Computationally Efficient Tiered Inference for Multiple Fault Diagnosis Liu, Kuhn, de Kleer PARC    
Paper Session 1C: Data Processing Schroeder (Session Chair) AFRL Por/Mas/Las 8:30am – 10:00am
A Review of Time Synchronous Average Algorithms Bechhoefer, Kingsley Goodrich / Sikorsky    
Application of Blind Source Separation Techniques for Generation of PHM Useful Information Leão, Gomes, Galvão, Yoneyama Embraer (Brasil) / Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica (Brasil)    
Bearing Envelope Analysis Window Selection Bechhoefer, Menon Goodrich    
Break – Coffee     Terrazza 10:00am – 10:30am
Paper Session 2A: Damage Estimation Hicks (Session Chair) JPL Sorrento/San Marino 10:30am – 12noon
Estimation of Life Consumption for Advanced Drilling Tools Garvey, John, Baumann Baker Hughes    
New Processing to Detect and Track Damage in an Aerospace Wing Attachment Fitting Parker, Frazier Miltec    
Physics-based Remaining Useful Life Prediction for Aircraft Engine Bearing Prognosis Bolander, Qiu, Eklund, Hindle, Rosenfeld Sentient / GE    
Paper Session 2B: Sensing and Sensor Architectures Saxena (Session Chair) SGT Capri/Riviera 10:30am – 11:30am
Carbon Nanotube Coated Piezoelectric Ceramic for Self-Health-Monitoring Zhang, Lanzara, Chang Stanford University    
Power Management for A Distributed Wireless Health Management Architecture Saha, Saha, Goebel MCT / NASA Ames    
Paper Session 2C: Anomaly Detection Roemer (Session Chair) Impact Por/Mas/Las 10:30am – 12noon
A novel Bayesian Least Squares Support Vector Machine based Anomaly Detector for Fault Diagnosis Khawaja, Vachtsevanos Georgia Tech    
A Systematic PHM Approach for Anomaly Resolution: A Hybrid Neural Fuzzy System for Model Construction Bonissone, Hu, Subbu GE    
Signal Stream Clustering for Tool-Rotation-Level Tool Condition Monitoring in Milling Process Phua, Li, Ng, Lim, Zhong, Zhou SIMTech (Singapore) / Nanyang Technology University (Singapore)    
Break       12noon – 1:30 pm
Paper Session 3A: Uncertainty Management Mackey (Session Chair) JPL Sorrento/San Marino 1:30 pm – 3:00pm
A Novel RSPF Approach to Prediction of High-Risk, Low-Probability Failure Events Orchard, Tang, Goebel, Vachtsevanos “University of Chile (Chile) / NASA Ames / Impact Technologies / Georgia Tech”    
Entropy-based probabilistic fatigue damage prognosis and algorithmic performance comparison Guan, Liu, Saxena, Celaya, Goebel Clarkson University / SGT / NASA Ames    
Uncertainty Quantification in Fatigue Damange Prognosis Sankararaman, Ling, Shantz, Mahadevan Vanderbilt University    
Paper Session 3B: PHM System Design and Benchmarking Hines (Session Chair) University of Tennessee Capri/Riviera 1:30 pm – 3:00pm
Benchmarking Diagnostic Algorithms on an Electrical Power System Testbed Kurtoglu, Narasimhan, Poll, Garcia, Wright MCT / UARC / NASA / SGT / Vanderbilt University    
Integrated Design of On-line Health and Prognostics Management Walker, Kapadia General Atomics    
Towards StateCharts Based Failure Propagation Analysis for Designing Embedded PHM Systems Kramer, Tumer Oregon State University    
Paper Session 3C: Data-Driven Diagnostics Bonissone (Session Chair) GE Global Research Por/Mas/Las 1:30 pm – 3:00pm
Data-Driven Roller Bearing Diagnosis Using Degree of Randomness and Laplace Test Ling, Khonsari, Hathaway Migma / Louisiana State / NASA Dryden    
Investigation on Fault Detection for Split Torque Gearbox Using Acoustic Emission and Vibration Signals Li, He, Bechhoefer University of Chicago / Goodrich    
Model Based Bearing Fault Detection Using Support Vector Machines Kappaganthu, Nataraj, Samanta Villanova University    
Break – Coffee     Terrazza 3:00pm – 3:30pm
Workshop Session: Education in PHM Karl Reichard (Chair) Penn State University Sorrento/San Marino 3:30pm – 5pm
Townhall Meeting: Future Trends in CBM and PHM Andres Hess and Ginger Shao (Chairs) The Hess Group / Honeywell Capri/Riviera 3:30pm – 5pm
Posters     Pavilion 5pm – 8pm
Reception     Pavilion 5pm – 8pm
Wednesday, September 30, 2009        
Registration     Foyer 7am – 5pm
Bagels and Coffee     Foyer 7am – 8am
Luminaries Session Kacprzynski (Chair) Impact Pavilion 8am – 11:45am
Engineering Steve Engel Northrop Grumman    
Meteorology / Climatology Mark Johnson University of Central Florida    
Percolation Break – Coffee & Refreshments     Pavilion 9:25am-9:40am
Decision Science / Medical Thomas Stewart SUNY Albany    
Financial / Economic Jerry Nickelsburg UCLA Anderson Forecast    
Percolation Break – Coffee & Refreshments     Pavilion 10:45am – 11am
Plenary Session All Luminaries   Pavilion 11am – 11:45am
Best Paper Award, Data Challenge Awards Reichard / Eklund (Chairs) Penn State University / GE Pavilion 11:45am – 12noon
Exhibits     Terrazza 12noon – 5pm
Break       12noon – 1:30pm
Hardware Demos     Monte Carlo 1:30pm – 5pm
Paper Session 4A: Data Challenge 2009 I Eklund, Saha, Bechhoefer (Chairs) GE / MCT / Goodrich Sorrento/San Marino 1:30pm – 3pm
Information Reconstruction Method for Clustering and Diagnosis of Generic Gearbox Signals Wu, Shen, Lee Xi’an Jiaotong University / University of Cincinnati    
A Systematic Methodology for Gearbox Health Assessment and Fault Diagnosis Al-Atat, Siegel, Lee University of Cincinnati    
Paper Session 4B: System-Level Health Reasoning Uckun (Session Chair) PARC Capri/Riviera 1:30pm – 3pm
A Prognostics and Health Management System for an Unmanned Combat Aircraft System – A Defense Acquisition University Case Study Di Lorenzo,. Bayer Defense Acquisition University Mid-West    
Integrating Model-based Diagnosis and Prognosis in Autonomous Production Maier, Sachenbacher, Ruhr, Kuhn Technical University Munich (Germany) / PARC    
The Interaction of PSS and PHM – a mutual benefit case Grubic, Jennions, Baines Cranfield University (United Kingdom)    
Paper Session 4C: Validation, Verification & Metrics Tumer (Session Chair) Oregon State University Por/Mas/Las 1:30pm – 3pm
APU FMEA Validation Using Operation and Maintenance Data Yang, Letourneau, Scarlett, Zaluski NRC (Canada)    
On Applying the Prognostics Performance Metrics Saxena, Celaya, Saha, Saha, Goebel SGT / MCT / NASA Ames    
Towards Verification of Operational Procedures using Auto-Generated Diagnostic Trees Kurtoglu, Lutz, Patterson-Hine MCT / JPL / NASA    
Break – Coffee     Foyer 3:00pm – 3:30pm
Paper Session 5A: Data Challenge 2009 II Eklund, Saha, Bechhoefer (Chairs) GE / MCT / Goodrich Sorrento/San Marino 3:30pm – 5pm
Model Based Approach for Identification of Gears and Bearings Failure Modes Klein, Rudyk, Masad, Issacharoff R K Diagnostics    
Bearing fault detection with PHM Data Challenge Application Boskoski, Urevc Institute Jožef Stefan / University of Ljubljana    
Paper Session 5B: Model-Based Diagnostics Schroeder (Session Chair) AFRL Capri/Riviera 3:30pm – 5pm
Computing Multiple Minimal Diagnoses Feldman, Provan, van Gemund Delft University of Technology (Netherlands) / University College Cork (Ireland)    
Experimental Data Collection and Modeling for Nominal and Fault Conditions on Electro-Mechanical Actuators Balaban, Saxena, Goebel, Byington, Watson, Bharadwaj, Smith NASA Ames / SGT / Impact Technologies    
Online Model-based Diagnosis for Multiple, Intermittent and Interaction Faults Kuhn, de Kleer, Liu PARC    
Paper Session 5C: Adaptive Control and Decision-Making Hernandez (Session Chair) Global Strategic Solutions Por/Mas/Las 3:30pm – 5pm
Situational Awareness and Decision-Making for Distressed Aircraft Lopez, Sarigul-Klijn UC Davis    
Diagnosis and Fault-Adaptive Control for Mechatronic Systems using Hybrid Constraint Automata Maier, Sachenbacher Technische Universität München (Germany)    
Prognostics Enhanced Reconfigurable Control of Electro-Mechanical Actuators Brown, Georgoulas, Bole, Pei, Orchard , Tang, Saha, Saxena, Goebel, Vachtsevanos Georgia Tech / University of Chile (Chile) / Impact Technnologies / MCT / SGT / NASA Ames    
Banquet Dinner     Prado 5:30pm – 9pm
Thursday, October 1, 2009        
Registration Open     Foyer 7am – 5pm
Bagels and Coffee     Foyer 7am – 8am
Hardware Demos     Monte Carlo 8am – 11:45am
Paper Session 6A: Structural Health Management Kurtoglu (Session Chair) MCT San Marino 8am – 9:00am
A Cable-Free Digital Sensor-Bus for Structural Health Monitoring of Large Area Composite Structures Kessler, Dunn, Borgen, Raghavan, Duce, Banks metis / Boeing    
An Integrated Health Management and Prognostic Technology for Composite Airframe Structures Chang, Mueller, Roy, Mittal, Lonkar, Larrosa Stanford University    
Paper Session 6B: Diagnostic Methods II Reichard (Session Chair) Penn State University Capri/Riviera 8am – 9:30am
Combination of Simulation and State Observers for Consistency-based Diagnosis Bregon, Pulido, Alonso-Gonzalez University of Valladolid (Spain)    
Efficient on-line parameter estimation in TRANSCEND for nonlinear systems Bregon, Pulido, Biswas University of Valladolid (Spain) / Vanderbilt University    
Fault diagnostic system based on approximate reasoning Boškoski, Musizza, Petrovcic, Juricic Institute Jožef Stefan, Ljubljana (Slovenia)    
Paper Session 6C: Return-on-Investment Analysis Bird (Session Chair) NRC Por/Mas/Las 8am – 9:30am
Cost-Benefit Analysis Trade-Space Tool as a Design-Aid for the U.S. Army Vehicle Health Management System (VHMS) Program Hines, Bennett, Ligetti, Banks, Nestler ARL-Penn State / US Military Academy (West Point)    
Metrics, Models, and Scenarios for Evaluating PHM Effects on Logistics Support Luna Frontier Technology, Inc.    
Using Condition Based Maintenance to Improve the Profitability of Performance Based Logistic Contracts Reimann, Kacprzynski Impact Technologies    
Break – Coffee     Foyer 9:30am – 9:45am
Paper Session 7A: Health Management for Electrical and Electronic Systems Vohnout (Session Chair) Ridgetop Group San Marino 9:45am -11:15am
Analysis of Built-In Self-Tests for Electronic Control Units Przytula, Allen, Lu, Anderson, Wanner HRL Labs / Phoenix International (John Deere)    
Effects of Lightning Injection on Power-MOSFETs Celaya, Saha, Wysocki, Goebel SGT / ASRC / MCT / NASA Ames    
Robust Differential Protection with Intermittent Cable Faults for Aircraft AC Generators Tantawy, Koutsoukos, Biswas Vanderbilt    
Paper Session 7B: Probabilistic Methods Frankle (Session Chair) Frontier Technologies Capri/Riviera 9:45am -11:15am
Health Monitoring Assessment and Prognostic (HealthMAP) for Advanced Arresting Gear (AAG) System Kapadia, Gross, Walker, Venkatesh General Atomics    
Methods for Probabilistic Fault Diagnosis: An Electrical Power System Case Study Ricks, Mengshoel Univ of TX / NASA Ames    
Probabilistic Structural Health Monitoring Using Acoustic Emission Rabiei, Modarres, Hoffman University of Maryland    
Paper Session 7C: Physics-of-Failure Modeling Dussault (Session Chair) US Army Por/Mas/Las 9:45-11:15am
Model-Based Diagnostics and Prognostics for Solid Rocket Motors Luchinsky, Osipov, Smelyanskiy, Patterson-Hine, Hayashida, Watson, McMillin, Shook, Johnson, Hyde MCT / NASA Ames / NASA Marshall / ATK Thiokol    
Model-based Prognostics with Fixed-lag Particle Filters Daigle, Goebel UC Santa Cruz / NASA Ames    
Modeling Li-ion Battery Capacity Depletion in a Particle Filtering Framework Saha, Goebel MCT / NASA Ames    
Break     Capri / Riviera 11:15am – 12:30pm
Fielded Systems Invited Session Hess, Vachtsevanos (Chairs) Hess Group / Georgia Tech Capri/Riviera 12:30pm – 3:50pm
Condition-Based Maintenance for a Vertical Machining Center Chris Minnella Warner Robins Air Logistics Center / Impact Technologies    
The Hybrid Bus PHM Experience Tom Dresch BAE Systems    
HUMS Experience Johnny Wright, Goodrich Corporation    
Engine PHM Keith Calhoun Rolls-Royce    
Lessons Learned in Deploying Diagnostic Systems Eric Hamby Xerox Corporation    
Health Management for In-Service Jet Engines Tom Mooney General Electric    
Health Management of Helicopter Gearboxes Bruno Maino AgustaWestland    
Monitoring Backup Battery Systems: Lessons Learned Bart Cotton Data Power Minotoring Corporation    
Engine Monitoring Steve O’Flarity Pratt & Whitney    
Break – Coffee     Foyer 3:50pm – 4:00pm
Fielded Systems / Plenary (All Fielded Systems Presenters) Hess, Vachtsevanos (Chairs) Hess Group / Georgia Tech Capri / Riviera 4:00pm – 4:50pm
Final Remarks Goebel NASA Capri / Riviera 4:50pm – 5pm
Event Ends       5pm