Doctoral Consortium

The Doctoral Consortium provides an opportunity for graduate students to present their research interests and plans at a formative stage in their research. The students will receive structured guidance from a panel of distinguished researchers as well as comments from conference participants and fellow students in a collegial setting.The PHM Society Doctoral Consortium will be held as a workshop on Sunday September 23, 2012, a day prior to the start of main conference.

Start Time Speaker Location
7:00AM Registration
7:00AM–8:15AM Continental Breakfast
8:15AM Doctoral Consortium Welcome
Nicholas Propes
Nicollet D1
8:30AM A Formal Method for Using PHM to Satisfy Performance-Based Logistics/Availability-Based Contract Requirements
– Amir KashaniPour, University of Maryland
Nicollet D1
8:40AM Panelist Feedback
8:55AM Audience Q/A
9:00AM Stochastic Automaton Approach for Fault Detection within an Automotive Electrical System
– Sara Mohon, Clemson University
Nicollet D1
9:10AM Panelist Feedback
9:25AM Audience Q/A
9:30AM System Design Optimization Based on Maintenance Scheduling with Prognostics and Health Management
– Bo Yang Yu, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Nicollet D1
9:40AM Panelist Feedback
9:55AM Audience Q/A
10:00AM–10:30AM Break
10:30AM Model-Based Failure Identification and Propagation Framework for the Design of Hybrid Systems
– Hoda Mehrpouyan, Oregon State University
Nicollet D1
10:40AM Panelist Feedback
10:55AM Audience Q/A
11:00AM Prognostic-based Real-time Life Extension Methodology with Application to Power Generation Systems
– Seyed Ahmad Niknam, University of Tennessee-Knoxville
Nicollet D1
11:10AM Panelist Feedback
11:25AM Audience Q/A
11:30AM Integrated Fatigue Damage Diagnosis and Prognosis under Uncertainties
– Tishun Peng, Clarkson University
Nicollet D1
11:40AM Panelist Feedback
11:55AM Audience Q/A
12:00PM–1:30PM Symposium Lunch (students, panelists, and organizers)
1:30PM Prognostic Capability Evaluation of Power Electronic Module in Hybrid Electric Vehicles
– Alireza Alghassi, Cranfield University
Nicollet D1
1:40PM Panelist Feedback
1:55PM Audience Q/A
2:00PM In Situ Spatial Strain Sensing of Wind Turbine Blades for Structural Health Monitoring and Prognosis
– Yingjun Irene Zhao, University of California-Davis
Nicollet D1
2:10PM Panelist Feedback
2:25PM Audience Q/A
2:30PM Fusion Prognostics for Battery Performance
– Yinjiao Xing, City University of Hong Kong
Nicollet D1
2:40PM Panelist Feedback
2:55PM Audience Q/A
3:00PM–3:30PM Break
3:30PM Prognostics and Health Management Algorithms for Smart Battery Management in Electric Vehicles
– Wei He, University of Maryland
Nicollet D1
3:40PM Panelist Feedback
3:55PM Audience Q/A
4:00PM Panelists Final Thoughts
4:30PM Feedback from Students & Audience
4:50PM Conclusions and Feedback
Ravi Rajamani
Nicollet D1

PHM Society Doctoral Consortium Contacts

Dr. Nils Propes
Dr. Marcos Orchard, University of Chile,
Dr. Ravi Rajamani, Meggitt USA,

Call for Participation

Download [paper submission template]

The PHM2012 Conference planning team invites full-time students to submit their thesis ideas to the Doctoral Consortium. A maximum of 10 student thesis will be selected. Proposals for the Doctoral Consortium will be accepted until June 1, 2012 and should be submitted directly to the Doctoral Consortium Chair.

Each selected full-time student will received a travel subsidy of up to US$1,500 (based on daily meal allowance, and receipts for accommodation and transportation). Complimentary conference registration will also be provided. Students presenting at the Doctoral Consortium are also invited to present a poster of their research at the conference, and their two page thesis abstract will appear in the conference proceedings.

Requirements to participate:

  • A two page abstract of your thesis with a concise statement of the problem addressed, the expected contributions, and the proposed plan including the work already performed. Your abstract needs to follow the conference paper submission template.
  • A CV with educational, employment and other experience to underscore the expected contributions of the student to the event. The CV must also clearly indicate the beginning and expected graduation dates and the contact information for your supervisor(s).
  • A one page statement of why this opportunity is important to you and how you will contribute to the process.
  • A brief support letter or email from your supervisor – may be emailed directly to the co-chairs.

Although preference was given to doctoral students, the committee also invited applications from master’s students. We accepted submissions on any topic relevant to the conference. The evaluation was based on the quality and completeness of the submission package, stage of research (preferably at the early stage of the research so that constructive feedback from the panel can be incorporated into the thesis), and on the perceived research potential of the candidate.

Please note the following:

  • Students who participated in previous year’s Doctoral Consortium are not eligible to participate again.
  • Travel reimbursement and free registration is only available to full-time students. Part-time graduate students who are employed in the industry are welcome to participate, but they will not be eligible for travel reimbursement and free registration.