PHM Standards Panel

PHM Standards Committee Report
The committee organized a panel session at the annual conference (MSP 2012 slides). Representatives from ISO, FAA, SAE, SAE HM-1, SAE E-32, IEEE PHM, and IEEE SCC20 presented information on their programs and opportunities. Copies are provided to the PHM Society, with thanks to the speakers and their organizations.

  1. The PHM Society is now a paying member of the ISO TC108 Technical Advisory Group and so will be participating in the development of PHM standards and will be linking PHM Society members to the ISO standards development process.
  2. Speakers will be invited to participate in an advisory role to the Society Standards Committee to assist it in identifying and actioning value added contributions to the community.
  3. Participants are sought for furthering standards within the PHM community: a session will be planned at most of our meetings; an on-line forum is already established on the PHM Society website; comments on priorities for efforts per the list in the proceedings slides (MSP 2012) and other ideas.

Jeff Bird
Chair, Standards Committee

Time Topic
1:30PM–1:35PM Welcome and Introductions
1:35PM–1:45PM Baseline talk- PHM Standards Committee
– Jeff Bird and Mike Roemer
1:45PM–2:50PM Standards Stakeholders Talks
10 each minutes to cover- Why you think standards are important, Scope of your standards efforts, Issues affecting Development and Application
– Susan Blaeser US TAG
– David Alexander and Chris Pomfret
SAE E-32
– Duncan Chase
– Mike Walz
IEEE SCC 20 (test and Diagnosis)
– Tim Wilmering
– Sony Mathew
2:50PM–3:00PM Summary of Issues
3:00PM–3:30PM Break
3:30PM–3:50PM Prioritization of Development and Application Issues
3:50PM–4:00PM Way Forward

Original Panel Agenda
A panel on PHM Standards was organized on Wednesday Sep 26, 2012 1:30-4:00 pm during the PHM12 conference in Minneapolis, MN.

Panel Objectives were:

  1. Summarize and discuss current standards groups and activities in the PHM area.
  2. Identify application areas and overlaps/gaps in PHM standards across industry sectors, academia and government, examining any opportunities for harmonization.
  3. Advance the processes for PHM Society outreach to the international PHM community, e.g. panels, web links, fora, webexes, documentation, coordinated input.

Several participants were invited: SAEB International, Standards organizations, NASA, GE, US Army, Cranfield, NRG, Penn State, Georgia Tech.

Expected Outcomes were:

  1. Proceedings report
  2. Web forum with presentations
  3. Way forward proposal- lead by PHM Society Standards Committee

Organizers: Jeff Bird and Mike Roemer