Panel Session

The PHM Society provides an opportunity to hear and interact with recognized industry leaders in relevant areas for our PHM work. These 90 minute panel sessions will consist of presentations and open discussion by 4-6 panelists directly engaging with the conference audience on six different topics listed below.

These sessions add an enriching dimension to the conference experience and a welcome networking alternative to traditional paper presentations, which dominate some conferences. We believe balancing the conference time in this fashion provides participants a much more engaging experience and increased opportunity to gain unique knowledge

We are planning some exciting panel sessions for the conference. Two are already confirmed (Sensors for PHM, and PHM in the Automotive area) and more are being planned. If you have suggestions for interesting panel sessions, please contact the conference organizers.

Panel Session Chairs:
Jeff Bird
Ravi Rajamani

Panel Session 1: Asset and Operations Management in the Era of Connectivity and Big Data: A Maritime Industry Focus

Organizer/Chair: Knut Knutsen, DNVGL, Strategic Research and Innovation, Netherlands

Steinar Låg, DNVGL, Strategic Research and Innovation
Giampiero Soncini, Spectec
Hideyuki Ando, MTI (NYK Group)
Gunnar Prytz, ABB Marine

Panel Session 2: Automotive Prognostics and Cross Industry Collaboration

Organizer: Steven E. Holland, GM, USA
Chair: Ravi Rajamani, Meggitt, USA

Manuel Esperon, IVHM Centre, Cranfield University
Tim Felke, Honeywell
Vincent Cheriere, Airbus
Joakim Pauli, Volvo
Joseph Regnard de Lagny, Renault
Coroline Tabbert, BMW
Peter Gebhard, VW/Audi

Panel Session 3: Debate – Internet of Things Needs Standards!

Organizer/Chair:Jeff Bird, TECNos, Canada

Falk Hoffman, Airbus Helicopters
David Alexander, SAE
Ravi Rajamani, Meggitt

Panel Session 4: PHM Applications and Fielded Systems Experience

Organizer/Chair:Andy Hess, Hess PHM Group, USA

Torbjorn Fransson, SAAB
Arinae Lorton, Rolls Royce
Greg Kacprzynski, Impact-Sikorsky/Lockheed Martin
Bernard Laskowski, Analatom
Margot Peters, Dutch Railways

Panel Session 5: PHM for Actuators

Organizer/Chair:Aitor Arnaiz. IK4-Tekniker, Spain

Giovanni Jacazio, Politecnico di Torino
Inaki Bravo, Ikt-Tekniker
Alberto Gallego, CESA
Andrew Bill, Airbus Landing Gear Monitoring & Sensing
Badr Mansouri, SAGEM Defence