Special Sessions

How to Organise a Special Session for the 2016 European Conference of the PHM Society?

A Special Session consists of a presentation session of about five or six papers on a specific PHM topic. It is similar to regular paper sessions and abstracts/papers will go through the same review process (on abstract then full paper). Thus only the papers of good scientific quality will be finally accepted. In that way, we invite senior scientists/industrials who have a special interest in a specific PHM topic to take responsibility for a Special Session organization, gathering papers from a range of research/application expertise around the world.

Organizers of Special Session undertake to:

    • Select a topic of interest to themselves and to conference delegates.
    • Develop the special session proposal (see the next page) on the selected topic and send the proposal to
      the technical program leaders (benoit iung and/or bin zhang) of the conference to be approved. In a normal
      way, by return, you will receive a validation on the interest of this special session for the conference.
    • Obtain six or more abstracts on this topic (session chair need to recruit relevant abstract/papers). At the
      end, if there are sufficient accepted papers the session could become a track (several sessions on a same
      topic). Give the list of these abstracts to the technical program leaders.
    • Ensure the abstracts are submitted through the online PHM review system.
    • When abstracts are accepted, ensure the papers are submitted through the online PHM review system
    • Manage the review process with the technical program leaders using the online PHM review system. At the
      end of the reviewing process, if the accepted papers are not enough for developing the special session, we can complete the session by other papers submitted in a conventional way and for which the topics are similar to those of your session.
    • Ensure the final versions of the accepted papers are uploaded onto the PHM web before the deadline.
    • Attend the conference and chair the session.

The format for the Special Session Proposal is given below. (Submissions to be sent to technical program leaders: Benoit Iung Benoit.iung@univ-lorraine.fr, and Bin Zhang zhangbin@cec.sc.edu):

Key Dates

Key Dates
Submission Deadline for Special Session Proposals (in the format given above) 15 Jan 2016