PHME16 Technical Tour: IK4-Tekniker

PHME16 Technical Tour: IK4-Tekniker

Date: Friday 8 July

With 270 research staff and 20 M€ turnover, IK4-Tekniker is the biggest centre of IK4, an alliance whose mission is the generation, uptake and transfer of technological knowledge and know-how. The visit will show the new IK4-Tekniker facilities, with a specific approach to many areas in Tekniker that are related to PHM and advanced maintenance solutions, including analytics, tribology, sensors, mechatronics, robotics, test bench manufacturing and industrial fluids use control.

See the exciting preview:

Visit is scheduled for Friday 8th July after the end of the conference.

Take a bus around 13:00 at Euskalduna palace in Bilbao and come back around 16:30-17:00 at same location.

The visit in Tekniker would last approximately 2 hours.

The tour will be confirmed based on a minimum signup to organize a bus, i.e.15 to 20 persons.

Contact: Aitor Arnaiz and Jeff Bird