Wind Energy Workshop

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) started organizing Wind Turbine Condition Monitoring workshops in 2009, with an event planned to be every other year events (presentations given at the 2011 workshop are available here. This year, NREL is working with the Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) society to sponsor a 2 day Wind Energy Workshop on Quantifying the Need and Impact of PHM on reliability and operating cost of wind energy. It will be held in conjunction with the PHM society’s annual conference (PHM13) this October 15/16. It brings together experts from the PHM community and the Wind Energy community and provides an ideal forum for technical interchange and exploring the transfer of PHM capabilities from other industries to Wind Energy. Day 1 of the event is a series of panel discussion, while Day 2 is planned to concentrate on technical papers as well some panel discussions.

The presentation lineup for Day 1: 15 October 2013 is a series of panel discussions, as listed below:

Time Topic
1:30PM–2:00PM Keynote Talk
Brian McNiff
McNiff Light Industry
2:00PM–3:00PM Panel Discussion: PHM in the Mitigation of Financial Risk
Moderator: Eric Bechhoefer
Mathias Hormann – New Insurance Solutions for On- and Offshore Wind Turbines
Munich RE
Kenji Ogawa
Union Bank
Bruce Hamilton – Navigant’s viewpoint
3:00PM–3:30PM Networking / Coffee Break / Exhibits
3:30PM–5:00PM Panel Discussion: PHM of Oil – in support of Operations & Maintenance
Moderator: David He
Steve Rodger –Oil Debris Monitoring: An effective tool for Operations
Jack Poley
Ryan Brewer – PHM of Oil: Challenges in Offline Analysis
Poseidon Systems
Junda Zhu – Lubrication Oil Condition Monitoring and Remaining Useful Life Prediction with Particle Filtering
NRG Systems

The agenda for Day 2: 16 October 2013 is as follows:

Time Topic
8:30AM–9:00AM Invited Talk
Youn Byeng Dong
Seoul National University
9:00AM–10:00AM Panel Discussion: PHM Solution Developers
Moderator: Dr. Shawn Sheng
Jamie Godwin – PHM Solution Development in Wind: Problems & Solutions
Durham University
Erik Smith
Richard Brooks – Condition Monitoring Methods for Wind Main Shaft and Gearbox Planetary Sections
Alan Lesmerises – Wind Gearbox Workscope Optimization
Jack Poley – Early Warning System
10:00AM–10:30AM Networking / Coffee Break / Exhibits
10:30AM–12:00PM Panel Discussion: PHM for Wind Energy: Lowering the Cost of Projects
Moderator: Bruce Hamilton
Eric Bechhoefer – Lowering the Cost of Projects
Green Power Monitoring Systems
Art Miller – CBM In Wind Turbines: Pitfalls and Concerns
EDF Renewables
Bruno Bouche – Lowering the Cost of Project Using Simple Analysis of SCADA Data A Real Case Example
TechnoCentre éolien
Tugan Eritenel – Predictive Maintenance Technology to Reduce O&M Costs
Romax Technologies
Andrew Engle – Wind Turbine Drive Train Inspection Technology Comparison
Availaon United Wind Service
12:00PM–1:00PM Lunch Break
1:00PM–3:00PM Technical Paper Presentations I
Moderator: Tugan Eritenel
An integrated framework of drivetrain degradation assessment and fault localization for offshore wind turbines [Presentation Slides]
Wenyu Zhao
Lubrication oil condition monitoring and remaining useful life prediction with particle filtering
Junda Zhu
Integrating structural health management with contingency control for wind turbines
Susan Frost
A new acoustic emission sensor based gear fault detection approach [Presentation Slides]
Yongzhi Qu
3:00PM–3:30PM Networking / Coffee Break / Exhibits
3:30PM–4:00PM Invited Talk
Todd Griffith
Sandia National Laboratories
4:30PM–5:30PM Technical Paper Presentations II
Moderator: Eric Becchoefer
Detection of damage in operating wind turbines by signature distances [Presentation Slides]
Dylan Chase
On-line fault detection in wind turbine transmission system using adaptive filter and robust statistical features [Presentation Slides]
Rouyu Li
Targeting faulty bearings for an ocean turbine dynamometer [Presentation Slides]
Nicholas Waters

Other related papers focused on Condition Monitoring and Prognostic Health Management for Wind Turbines can be found in the International Journal of the PHM Society, Special Issue on Wind Turbine PHM.