Invited Panel Session: Digital Transformation and the Digital Ecosystem Across the Enterprise—from Requirements to Retirement

Open to all conference attendees
Wednesday, 8:50 – 11:35, Room: Ormandy Ballroom
Session Chairs: Andy Hess (The Hess PHM Group) and John Madsen (Northrop Grumman)


Description: The evolving digital ecosystem and resulting digital transformation across large enterprises are both happening very fast and in many cases are here. The digital ecosystem concept can be thought as a means to regularize seamless information sharing among multi-physics models and data bases, involving multi-discipline simulations across multiple phases of the vehicle life cycle. But the digital ecosystem is more than just the means to connect information that enables concurrent engineering and better decisions at all stages of a platform’s life cycle and for all levels of an enterprise. Benefits and some of the real power lies in the future capability to simulate and effectuate the entire life cycle so that all aspects of the platform’s life cycle are optimized, not just the design or sustainment. Among many things, the digital ecosystem is a philosophy whereby common interconnected data models empower concurrent engineering to perform concurrent uncertainty management across all aspects of life cycle. We must rethink how we approach the current engineering and sustainment processes in the context of this digital transformation. This session will focus on identifying what the future of digital transformation should look like, the state of these evolving digital ecosystems, and how it all can be used to optimize the many stages of a platform’s life cycle. Digital thread and digital twin technologies, as well as PHM capabilities and benefits; will also be explored with respect to their place and contributions to this digital transformation across enterprise-wide applications.

List of Panelists:

  • Marilyn Gaska (Lockheed Martin)
  • Abhi Seth (Honeywell)
  • Tom Hedberg (NIST)
  • Peyman Davoudabadi (ANSYS)