PHM18 Technical Session Proposals


The Organizing Committee of the Annual Conference of the Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) Society 2018 ( invites the global community of PHM experts to propose and organize technical sessions. As a technical session chair (upon technical session proposal acceptance) your responsibilities will include soliciting high quality articles from your colleagues and professional network. You may also be asked to serve as a review manager for some of the papers submitted to your technical session or recommend personnel with the relevant domain expertise to serve as submission reviewers. Articles should address specific, well-defined, issues on topics that fall within the scope of the conference. The number of articles accepted to a technical session may be limited given time allocations.

Proposals for Technical Sessions should be submitted through the conference website. The proposals should include the Title of the Session, Organizer’s Name and Contact Information, a Brief Summary of the Session Topic, and a Preliminary List of Potential Articles with Authors (or Organizations) and Expected Article Description (this could either be an article’s working title or a 1-2 sentence description of the article’s expected focus). Upon acceptance of the proposal, a session title and a code will be assigned.

Authors who wish to contribute an article to a specific technical session, must indicate both the session title and code using the section “Comments for the Editor” in the process of submitting their article (

Articles submitted in the scope of a Technical Session will be rigorously reviewed, under the direction of the Technical Program Committee. For those articles accepted into a specific Technical Session, the session’s organizer(s) (i.e., the original proposer(s)) is expected to serve as the Technical Session Chair(s) during the annual conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the week of September 24th, 2018.

To ensure the continuity of the program and that papers addressing similar issues are grouped together, at the discretion of the Technical Program Committee, individual papers may be removed from a proposed session and replaced by relevant papers, not already submitted to that specific Technical Session. Likewise, papers that are not rejected (whether there is insufficient room in the session or the paper’s specific topic is out of the session’s intended scope) from a session may be placed into the regular program if they are of conference quality.

Accepted papers will only be included in the program if at least one of the authors has registered and presented the work at the conference.

The Annual Conference of the PHM Society offers a productive balance between industrial applications and research efforts (including academia, industry, and government). Invited sessions in these areas and within the topics noted on the conference’s Call for Papers ( are most welcome.

We are looking forward to your contributions!

Best regards,
Dr. Marcos Orchard
Technical Program Committee Chair
PHM 2018 –